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Relationship between migration and education

Interest in education by scholars working on migration is not new, but the intensity and breadth of the interest has changed markedly over the past decade. The relationship between migration and education is, I would argue, an increasingly important one and an important ‘lens’ through which mobilities within society should be viewed. []

Conceptualising Migrant Agency

International migration is a product of complex physical and organisational infrastructures. These infrastructures consist of the commercial migration industry, regulatory frameworks, migrants’ social networks, digital transnational connectivity, and support systems. Xiang and Lindquist explain “migration infrastructure” as []

Why the global ‘migration gap’ matters

Human migration and mobility is a mass phenomenon: 258 million people currently live in countries they are not born, more than 700 million have migrated within borders and every year more than 1.2 billion people travel across borders for short term []

The Syrian Humanitarian Disaster: Understanding Perceptions & Aspirations

Twice in modern history, Greater Syria (Bilad al –Sham) and its peoples have experienced massive displacement. In the 100 years between 1850 and 1950 Syria received []